Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Coming on Strong

Well the last blog post lacked some inspiration...wrote that after my third glass of wine and it and clearly lacked enthusiasm.  Since that post the fishing on the Elk River has picked up and we've had some epic days casting to fish rising on an assortment of mayflies and ants.  Foam lines are forming as the water slows and the fish feeding on the mayflies and ants are hanging underneath waiting for food to roll through. 

There are some big cutts in the Elk this year and they are definitely well fed.  Rowing down the clearing river and watching big lips pop through the surface to swallow flies in the glare of the sun has been heart pumping.  Feeling the spray off the line as it tightens to pierce the hook feels refreshing after the slow start in July.

The tribs have dropped and are holding good numbers of large fish, walk and wades have been producing well on most days and it makes for a nice change from pounding banks from the boat.  Water levels will remain good and judging by the amount of mayfly nymphs crawling around the riffles are September will be epic.  Still have a fair bit of room on my calendar for that period, especially later in the month.  I will be switching back and forth between the Nelson area and here as late summer hopper  fishing on the Columbia River's caddis fattened rainbows should be fun.  The Slocan will also be happening and I highly recommend that people consider fishing the West Kootenay at this time of year.  The dry fly on both those rivers is amazing.

Life is good here in the Valley, I have some of my favourite people around which makes these sorroundings even more beautiful. Blessed to be here.

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