Wednesday, August 15, 2012

...And The LIvin's Easy

Ya, it's summer and things are good.  The Elk is on simmer and droppin daily and showing definition.  The bugs, random but there; can feel the transition into terrestrials  comin'.  Trip reviews have been mixed, some good days, some days with a unanimous feeling that the Elk is fishing a bit tougher than it has in the past and really it is about time.  We've had it good for a while on the dry and this year has been showing us  a moody and perhaps more savvy population of Cutts.

That being said some good days are happening and some epic days are delivered but not to the consistency we've had in the past.  Perhaps as the terrestrials slide in we will see a better response from the trout in terms of looking up.  My guides are doing the best they can to get their people into fish in some tough situations and the response has been good.  I have total faith in the group I've gathered as guides and they are doing their best and some days the Elk shines like it has in the past but this year it seems like a different animal.

So onto the walk and wades...same thing.  Moody fisheries just reclining from high water cycles and some good some bad and in all this I can only conclude one thing.  The high water has shifted the feeding focus of the trout and they are picking there times to rise and we aim to track those times which has meant later starts for now.  Seems to work okay with the late day hatch patterns on the tribs and sometimes on the Elk.  Caddis and spinners bring in the evening stalkers.

More later but for now I need rest.  Peace to all

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