Monday, August 31, 2015

Fall Outlook :)

It's been a busy summer so far and we've had a lot of smiling faces coming and going.  It's been a pretty epic summer for fishing here in the Elk Valley and somehow we've been able to get down river without grounding out....something I did not anticipate earlier in the year when water conditions were looking low.

Some brief but heavy rains kept the river up over the last few weeks and the cooler nights kept the water temps down enough to avoid closure on most of the rivers over here.  They did close the Michel and it was something I was happy to see as the river gets beaten up on a regular basis by anglers and the water is low with fish stacked to tight in the dwindling pools.

Some Elk River Meat

According the new Angling Management Plan being put forth, the Michel will become a separate class 2 waters with limited angler use days both for guided and non guided anglers.  I'm happy to see this happen as the creek definitely needs some special attention.  The Wigwam will also see new limitations placed on non guided anglers which will help control traffic on this classic stream.

September is a day away and some focus will be shifted to the West where we will be hitting the Slocan and Columbia Rivers as well as the Pend O'reille.  The Slocan will reopen on the first of the month after it's annual summer closure and usually fishes extremely well and the Columbia should be showing more of it's underwater features as the water has been lower this year.  Will keep you updated on how that goes.

Phil Dupuis Back in Slabtown BC

The Elk is still fishing incredibly well on most days although some of the heavier fronts have put some fish down. Had wet snow falling on my windshield a week ago Friday as I  pulled the boat out after a heavy push out of an upper Elk float.  Another front  yesterday saw only the strong survive but we were rewarded an epic hatch of BWO's, PMD's and few Drakes.  I hope that was a foreshadowing of what's to come in September here as I've seen lots of nymphs on the rocks but have not seen such a massive hatch of mayflies like that since earlier this season.   Ants have been the staple on the warmer days and the fish remain strong, fat and healthy.

A Team Effort Taekout

Our bull trout trips are filling up as we only have one jet boat to handle that fishery and dates are limited.  The bulls showed up in the lower Bull River this year along with the Kokanee in really big numbers according to some of the recent counts on the river.  The latter part of September remains open as do a few days in October.  This runs well into November if your willing to brave the cold.  We decided Fairmont Hot Springs resort is a good option for accommodation  due to it's proximity to the angling and warmth and comfort of the springs at a days end of fishing.  There are some good dining options within the resort and around the town itself.

We have lots of openings in September for the Elk and by all accounts and estimations the great fishing on the river will remain, if you have the time get on the line and plan a trip.  Clear water, small flies, light tippett and soft sipping heavy fish are a seasoned anglers dream....come live it.

The Elk River Valley From the Lens of Jeff Webb