Friday, August 6, 2010

......YA IT IS!!!!

Long time since the last entry, the guiding game here in Fernie has been BUSY and I should have about 20 more entries for this blog but they'd all read about the same: Big fish and lots of them. After doing this for 8 years I've noticed the behavioural patterns of fish in regards to weather and it often determines the chosen water system or stretch of river for that day. Much of this behaviour stems from the reaction of the bugs to the various weather systems. Being in the Rockies, the weather is often shifting and unstable creating a variety of conditions to consider before heading out for the day.

There's a common misconception that fish don't like thundershowers; it's actually quite the opposite. I'm not sure if the fish 'like' the storm itself but the bugs the mayflies they feed on often hatch at the lowest point of the barometer drop. The reason for this is the decrease in water surface tension during these lows which enables the emerging insects to pop through the surface film and begin their short lives as horny, breeding adults. The feeling the lows move into the feeding lanes and wait for the magic to unfold.

It's predominantly the mayfly species that prefer the lows particularily drakes and bwo's. So the next time you see some lows with precip heading your way, don't get fairweather....get busy angling!!!