Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ya it is....On!

First of all I suck at blogging sometimes and maintaining river reports and I've been meaning to hammer out one for a month now.  So here's the deal, fishing is awesome right now and we are slaying some amazing fish on a variety of streams with 95% of that on top.  People are happy and beyond and the fish are making us look like stars out there.  You're only as good as your fishery allows you to be and I feel fully supported by the cast of rivers we dip our lines into.

Hatches in the tributaries have been solid since mid July and the Elk has been in recovery mode on mayflies but has been supplemented by caddis and terrestrial.  The mayflies are there in moderate numbers, but last years flood has cut into the population a fair bit.  That being said the PMD's have been moving most days and size 14 duns, spinners and emerges have been crushing it.

Some of the tribs are giving us abundant caddis, pmd and drake hatches and we've been railing 'meat' in tight fast freestone water...exciting times to say the least.

I could go on about all the awesomeness but I need rest has I'm on the river everyday and getting drunk on watching flies drift

 Below are some photos taken over the last few weeks, enjoy!!!  Keep yourself and the rivers wild ;)