Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Guiding Season Over...Not Sure Why

The Elk River Valley Looking North

Well it was a great year and while I'm reflecting on it I think I'll change fonts...Not very exciting on the options but I felt a need for change!!!  Welcome to Trebuchet font...I'll have to find more later.   The Elk River started late and fished well throughout the year; mayflies were abundant as were golden stones and caddis.  Our hopper season never really happened which explains the 300 or so dozen Fat Alberts I still have sitting in my fly bins.  Usually the guides will eat through 200 of those in the last six weeks of the season but they never really found their groove this year. 

In the West Kootenay the Columbia River was excellent as points and frustrating at's a neurotic tailwater but I grow fond of it the more I learn about it.  Hooking more fish with different methods as the years pass by and finding more and more spots.  The sorrounding waters are supporting really good numbers of rainbows (although smaller) and the fish are more consistent and willing than they are in the large tailwater.  Combining the two provides some variety for a trip here and I certainly enjoy sampling both over a three or four day trip.  Caddis, Golden Stones and Ants were staples here along with some olive/black streamers.  Dredging up big rainbows was most often accomplished with large, black stonefly nymphs.  I love spending time here in Septmember and early July; that's when these rivers really shine and this part of our guiding region is definitely growing which I'm really excited about.  Both Spencer and Joel have worked the oars over here and have become competent in guiding it's waters and we are looking forward to starting over here in early June if spring and summer arrive as they normally should.

It's Not Just About the Angling Sometimes
I'm going to miss this gig and has I put away my boat rods, sort through my fly boxes and take out the garbage many awesome moments are brought to mind by the individual items.  The fishing is still awesome but the weather can be a bit tough.  Above are some of the recyclables removed from my boat throughout the season.  The box on the right  is from the Scelfo group and is one of five drops to the recycle depot (notice Fireball on left of box).  I thought of going to South America but I think that will be on hold until next year as Thailand and the fly business demands some attention. 

So thanks to everybody who came and fished with us and anyone who took the time to read this blog....I'll keep posting the odd tid bit here and there and will provide some links to some things that I think are worth checking out.  There's a lot of cool new video happening in the fly fishing world and the content is not so troutcentric which I find refreshing.  Other fish are finally starting to get there due credit for their natural beauty and predation instincts.  Until later....