Sunday, August 21, 2011

Comin' Over the Top!

A Slabtown Resident Cutthroat

Check out that beast!!! Phil Dupuis hooked that on a little unnamed creek somewhere in the Elk Valley on one of his eight days here fishing with us. Had a blast with him and his wife Julie over that week....lots of humour and some epic fishing. The tribs are in great shape right now and dropping steadily and the Elk continues to fall opening up more venues for fish to hold on although we've lost some as well, but overall flows are excellent and should remain so throughout September.

Ants have been making appearances and the fish have been committing suicide on them. Such an amazing time to fish the Elk and anyone who has hit an Elk River ant hatch has been stunned by the numbers of fish that the ant hatch brings up. It's hands down the best dry fly fishing of the year and it should be with us the next few weeks; great time to book a trip.

The guides took a day off and hit the Oldman River in Alberta and it was on as well. Tons of rainbows in soft seems sipping PMD's and responding well to drag free presentations. The river is stacked right now, when it's on like this it is perhaps the finest dry fly fishnng you'll find for rainbows. It's an incredible float and I'm super stoked about getting back there.

PMD's ANTS and CADDIS are all making my life a lot easier....thank you flies and of course the fish.

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